Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Cascade Chain Of Lakes Toward Lake Placid

Having given the dogs a rest stop and potty break in the forest alongside the Ausable River and passed through the towns of Keene and Keene Valley, I continued northward through the Adirondack Mountains:

I'd been taking back roads tours through the Adirondacks for the last several trips, so seeing the Cascade Chain of lakes was like visiting an old friend:

With mountain lakes on the left of the road and steep rock cliffs on the right, this section of Route 73 must surely be one of the most beautiful in the country:

There's a little rest stop along these lakes which is easily missed and therefore not much used. But on this day I saw cars parked down there. So I passed it by and just enjoyed the views:

Up ahead I could see snow on the mountaintops and across the lakes there was snow on the ground. I was beginning to feel the chill of the high country:

The trip was uneventful and scenic, albeit somewhat cold. This drive has become routine for me though still I enjoy the beautiful Adirondack scenery:

And a stop at the intersection to the road which leads to the Mount Marcy base camp:

Almost to the town of Lake Placid, identifiable at a distance as it is marked by the Olympic Ski Jumps:

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