Friday, July 10, 2015

The Red Poll Girls In Summer

Annie has grown a lot since April:

Jasmine is getting wider each day and is almost three weeks past due - but no calf yet:

The cows look lovely as they graze on summer grasses:

They add to the pastoral scene, and their docile natures add to my joy:

I bought a bag of apples to feed them one day. They were happy about that but I discovered that apples were too expensive this time of year. I'll have lots of apples which cost me nothing in the autumn. I'll feed them to the cows then:

A glorious, lazy, summer day:

Amy, resting by the buttercups:

The herd has spent several periods in the north field, where they have become a local attraction, with people often stopping their cars on the dirt road to watch them:

Annie in the tall grass of the north field:

Rosella and Scarlett, daughter and mother, butting heads over a bowl of grain:

The cattle seem skittish of new people when in the south field, but love to watch people when they are in the north field, even to the point of standing at the fence to watch the cars go by. I don't understand cow psychology well enough to explain the change of attitude:

This last photo is of Gracie, scratching an itch and showing her large udder. With all that milk, it's no wonder her baby is growing so fast:

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