Friday, July 3, 2015

St. Lawrence County Multi-Use Trail

The weather was beautiful and I was caught up on chores, so I took the dogs down to the Catherineville State Forest, about 8 miles from my door. Nothing much is well marked there, neither trails nor roads, and I get confused every time I go there, but I found a sign for a "Multi-Use Trail" on county land. I parked, and let the dogs out:

They ran and explored, while I hollered at them to stay close to me:

The forest was beautiful but my camera was perplexed by the dappled sunlight, not knowing what kind of setting to use. I did manage to get a few photos worth saving, however:

The dogs and I stayed on the trail this time. It was so dense in some places that every time I spoke to the dogs, it sounded like I was in an echo chamber:

And it turned out to be a short loop trail which I remembered from last autumn. It's beautiful in the summertime also. Still short, though:

Clover and Seamus led the way:

And all the dogs stopped to check out the many smells:

Jack ran ahead and then lagged behind. Not wanting to get separated from his new family, however, he always hastened to rejoin us:

The trail had been lovely but far too short. We were almost back to the road and I was contemplating finding another trail to take that afternoon:

And there was our car, just ahead. I let the dogs inside and started it up, hoping to find another good trail. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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