Monday, July 27, 2015

Fort de la Presentation - Part 1

I drove to Ogdensburg, New York one Saturday to witness the reenactment of a 1760 battle at Fort de la Presentation, on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. The troops had set up camp, and I walked slowly through the tents, taking pictures. These soldiers, judging by their flags, were British:

There were Union Jacks everywhere, and some of the reenactors brought items to sell in between war reenactments:

I asked several people to help me understand which color uniform was from which army and they tried to be helpful, yet I remained confused:

Most of the camps were British (or in this case Scottish), which I at first thought was just a matter of popularity, but I later learned that the British outnumbered the French soldiers by 10,000 to 300. You'll find a quick history of the fort and the war by clicking here:

Fort de la Presentation was located at the confluence of the Oswegatchie and St. Lawrence Rivers, so nearly everything was on the shore:

I continued to walk among the encampments, enjoying the feeling of going back in time while remaining safe and comfortable:

Soldiers chatted beneath tarps and cooked on open fires:

There had been a battle on the waters of the Oswegatchie earlier in the day and when I saw the historical boats, I wished I'd been there to have seen it:

A bigger sailing ship was anchored offshore:

I continued through the encampment. This flag was a mystery to me. I've searched the internet and been unable to find out if it was British or French:

And then crossed over to a smaller encampment which, it seemed, was made up of colonists:

The colonists had more basic accommodations. There was still a lot more to see, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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