Monday, July 6, 2015

St. Lawrence County Route 50 - Part 1

I'd just explored McCarthy Road and decided to drive on County Route 50 to get back home. I turned onto it in the town of Brasher, but just north of the little hamlet of North Lawrence. To my amazement, it was paved but only one lane:

The scenery was excellent. This old silo was so rundown that I thought the next big wind might bring it to the ground:

This shelter for hay bales, however, was a wonderful idea and still had some bales inside it. I wish I had one like it:

There were hay fields stretching out from the road to the edge of the forest:

And old fences, with more fields just visible beyond:

Corn fields and hay fields, but mostly hay. That's what grows best here:

There were a few beautiful farms, but they looked so isolated and lonely that I didn't fantasize about living there:

A double-decker house. I hope they never try to exit through that top door:

Hay bales out in the field:

A small, older barn:

More older barns. But there was more to see on County Route 50, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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