Sunday, July 5, 2015

McCarthy Road, In The Town of Brasher, New York

I drove to Agway to buy feed, bringing Seamus along with me so I could weigh him on their antique platform scale. He's been on a diet and I wanted to see if he'd lost weight. Unfortunately, we'd read the scale incorrectly the last time, so I never got an answer. Anyway, I decided to take a driving tour after we left Agway, so we headed for McCarthy Road, in the town of Brasher:

The view from the road was all hay fields and woodlands, and I almost decided to go elsewhere for photos of farm houses and barns. But then I realized that this was lush, rich scenery and it too would make a good blog post. So I kept driving:

There were corn fields, hay fields, old fences and rural scenery aplenty:

Then I began to see old barns and farm houses, though they were few and far between:

A farm house:

A hay field:

A new looking barn, sitting quite far off the road:

A suburban type home with a big lawn:

An old farm house with a split-rail fence and a barn out back:

Behind the trees, I saw a hay wagon and big, round bales. The haying season was in full gear:

There were wetlands along the road:

And a few farm houses. But then McCarthy Road ended at a county road. I decided to take another road back home, and I'll post about that tomorrow:

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