Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Dogs At Clear Pond - Part 3

The dogs and I were on the trail, headed back to our parked car in the White Hill Wild Forest:

The alternating sunlight and shade was lovely but difficult for a camera. The dogs didn't care. It was all fun for them:

Of course we returned to the edge of Clear Pond at every opportunity. Daphne considered going into the water again, but did not:

Instead, all the dogs romped in the wildflower meadow along the shoreline:

This was pure heaven:

Happy dogs:

But our time at the water's edge eventually came to an end, and we all headed back to the trail:

The trail took us uphill to a meadow, and then back into the forest:

Jack continued to run in broad circles, but Seamus was tired:

We arrived at the gravel road and parking area, where all the dogs but Seamus continued to run:

What Seamus wanted was to get back into the car and relax:

Even the three smallest, most energetic dogs were exhausted by the time they were back in the car:

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