Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Dogs At Clear Pond - Part 2

The dogs and I were playing along the shoreline of scenic Clear Pond, in the White Hill Wild Forest. One couldn't really call it hiking, but it was sure a wonderful afternoon in a natural setting:

We explored the shoreline for awhile and then returned to the trail through the forest:

There were lovely orange mushrooms growing on the forest floor:

And the trail kept bringing us back to the edge of Clear Pond:

The dogs love it here. They are always happy to be in this scenic wonderland - and so am I:

Clover is generally given to much running, but she stopped briefly to stand atop a rock and gaze, thoughtfully, across the pond:

Jack, new to this sort of adventure, explored the wonders of splashing in the water:

Daphne bounced through the tall ferns while tubby Seamus (who is on a diet) rested:

And then we were back on the trail through the forest:

I'd considered hiking farther into the wild forest but changed my mind. Instead, we began retracing our route back toward the car. I knew this would give us several more stops at the water's edge along the way:

More orange mushrooms, this one with a yellow cap:

The forest was as beautiful as the shoreline of Clear Pond, but much more difficult to take pictures in. But I knew we'd be back at the pond soon. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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