Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy Pets At Home

The household cats stay indoors all the time, so they don't see much difference between summer and winter. They enjoy lives of leisure. Draco was looking contented when I snapped this picture:

Jack has made himself at home, losing much of his former fear. He loves to position himself in PeeWee's old doggy bed beneath my computer:

The dogs, unlike the cats, get to spend some fine summer days outdoors. Fergus and Daphne snoozed on their ramp by the Rugosa roses while Jack watched everything which moved:

And the kitchen floor pillows are always a favorite. Here you see a lineup of Clover, Daphne, Fergus, Rocky and Bramble:

Fergus, Clover and Daphne:

Clover and Snoozey:

Fergus, Clover, Snoozey and Daphne:

All five dogs joined together for a summer photo by the roses: Clover, Seamus, Fergus, Jack and Daphne:

Fergus and Seamus, best friends, sleeping at the foot of the stairs:

Daphne and Clover, AKA "The Silly Sisters:"

Bramble regards himself as official watchman of the house and was, on this day, observing us all with a wary eye from beneath the kitchen table:

Draco and Snoozey were quite happy to see all the pet supplies which I'd purchased one day. I suppose it felt like Christmas to them. I had set the supplies on the steps to be carried up, a few items on each time I made the trip:

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