Monday, July 13, 2015

Old Potsdam-Parishville Road

I noticed a road on the map which was nearby but I'd never traveled, and that meant a driving tour. So I put the dogs in the car and off we went to the little town of Parishville, about ten miles from home. Then I turned onto Old Potsdam-Parishville Road, which began along the St. Regis River:

I'd expected to find scenic old farms, but at first all I saw was very nice, new, suburban type homes:

And they were very nice homes indeed, though not what I'd come looking for:

I'd begun to think I wouldn't be finding any farms, especially since I'd begun in the tiny town of Parishville and was heading into the relatively populous Potsdam:

But things took a turn toward the rural as we headed toward Potsdam. Downright scenic, in fact:

This home had a front porch loaded with old timey items and a classic, wooden farm house screen door:

I stopped at this barn and snapped a photo before I noticed there were two men inside, watching me. There was nothing to do but smile and wave. They waved back, and that was the end of it:

A modern steel barn:

And a spectacularly scenic farm:

A pleasant, shaded farm house:

And a colonial style farm house with a split - rail fence:

I ended my tour at this gigantic barn and silo. I turned back toward Parishville, for I also planned to take the dogs for a hike. But I'll post about that next:

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