Tuesday, July 7, 2015

St. Lawrence County Route 50 - Part 2

I was on County Route 50 in the town of Brasher, New York (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). It was paved but only one lane wide. It sure was scenic:

There were hay fields galore, separated by rows of trees and patches of woods:

And wetlands and forest. In fact, much of the road took us through the Brasher State Forest:

There were emerald fields behind old fences, with puffy clouds in the blue, afternoon sky:

And lovely old farmsteads:

I had Seamus with me, so we pulled into Brasher State Forest to stretch our legs:

An old cemetery with many more gravestones than I would think possible for such a sparsely populated area. There must have been more people living here at one time:

Black-Eyed Susans bloomed along barbed wire fences:

A split rail fence and laundry, waving gently on a clothesline:

We passed a trail head which had a sign proclaiming it to be the "Burns Trail." We didn't stop this time, though:

We were almost into the hamlet of Brasher Falls when I snapped a photo of this beautiful farm. It was time to get home by then, so I put my camera away and concentrated on where I was going:

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