Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Wintry Adirondacks

I was on my way up to the farm with all six dogs and travelling through the Adirondacks. I hadn't been able to find any place to let the dogs out for a rest stop because of all the snow piled up along the edges of the roads. So I took a chance that the Keene Cemetery might be plowed and drove up there. Indeed, a loop had been plowed which enabled me to drive high up on that hill with its magnificent views of the surrounding high peaks:

No one else was around, so I let the pooches out for a romp:

Only Seamus ventured into the snow but they all got a chance to stretch their legs, relieve their bladders and have some fun:

And then we drove on past the Cascade Chain of lakes where the water's surface was iced over and the shoulders of the road were blocked with snow. By that time the sky was looking ominous:

The trip was uneventful and I did not find another place to let the dogs out. When we got to Route 458 in the northern Adirondacks, the winter scenery was Christmas card perfect:

I stopped along the road to snap a picture of the wintry beauty and the dogs, ever worried that I might have fun without them, watched me carefully:

Route 458 is mostly flat and straight, passing directly through some of the finest of the northern Adirondack wilderness lands:

A small stream burbled its way through the snowy landscape right next to the road:

Northern spruces lined the roadside all covered with white frosting. No florist with a can of "spray snow" could have been more artistic:

Wetlands appeared alongside the road frequently:

Small brushy patches of hardwoods appeared as I neared the farm:

And this little chapel stood in the tiny town of Santa Clara like a living Christmas card. We were almost to the farm, but I'll post more tomorrow:


  1. Gorgeous, just crazy gorgeous. I love your blog. I am jealous of you, but at least you are kind enough to share your Adirondack adventures! :-)

  2. Thanks, Carole. I enjoy driving through the Adirondacks in the winter as long as the roads are plowed and not slippery (which is most of the time).