Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Snugly And Warm On A Cold Winter's Night

I snatched up my camera the other evening to capture a homey and memorable sight, most (or many) of my pets all safe and warm and comfy. How many can you count? There's five dogs around the chair, a cat to the left and a (black) cat next to the round blue bins:

Actually, all six dogs were in the above picture. Here they are again from another angle, showing that little Clover was positioned behind the chair. The taped up chair, by the way, is to keep Wally from again trying to exit through the slats in the back. The last time he tried that he got stuck. I hate to think what would have happened if I hadn't been home:

Shy Snoozey likes to keep to the floor and out of harm's way. But he also likes to feel like he's part of the family:

Rocky's favorite haunt is near the food:

Draco goes everywhere, but he's partial to perches near the ceiling:

Georgette stays alone at the top of the stairs most of the time but comes down occasionally to lounge in the little plaid doggy bed which came with one of my former foster dogs:

And Bramble is like a wisp of smoke, here one second and somewhere else the next. But he stationed himself up where he could watch to see what I was up to. We were all safe, warm and comfortable on a cold winter's night:


  1. I love your dogs but it was so nice to see your beautiful kitties! Thanks for sharing and hope you had a great holiday. :-)

  2. Thanks. The cats never get to travel (except occasionally to the vet) but they will some day move with us up to the farm. They'll like it there. It's a bigger house with lots of windows.