Friday, December 30, 2011

Dogs At Work (Again)

I've had some Saturdays off work due to the holidays, so the dogs have missed several Saturday opportunities to come to work and socialize. But here's some photos from our most recent "dog day at work," beginning with Wally:

After enthusiastically greeting the first few customers, the dogs grow bored with it all and begin napping. Little Clover certainly knows where to find a soft, warm place to get comfy:

Everyone is happy, relaxed and comfortable:

And Wally, who is losing his eyesight, takes his cues from the other dogs. If one of them barks, he barks. If they run forward to get petted, he follows their example and runs forward also:

This "dog pile" position is a customer favorite, and many folks run back out to their vehicle to get a camera or to bring in their wife and kids to see the display:

Daphne hasn't mastered the art of climbing atop Seamus like Clover does, but she certainly knows how to rest her weary head on Fergus' back. She just hasn't figured out how to lie down at the same time:

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