Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Stop Keene Cemetery And Homeward

We were travelling though the Adirondacks after a weekend at the farm and I was still have trouble finding places to stop to let the dogs out. Although the roads were plowed and dry, none of the pull-offs had been cleaned and I was beginning to despair of finding anyplace for a doggy rest stop. But the Keene Cemetery had been plowed on our way north, so I turned in there once again and found it a perfect spot:

The snow was not as deep as at our last stop here, but it still was enough to keep the little and old dogs on the pavement:

The dogs got to run and to pee. I know that some dogs go for long periods without rest breaks, but I can't do it myself so I don't expect my dogs to either. Just for the record, I don't let them poop in the cemetery. I usually take them out back into the woods. We couldn't get there on this day, but no dog pooped. If they would have, I'd have cleaned it up:

And who could ask for better scenery?

But we had many miles to go before we arrived home, so I called them all back to the car:

And we continued on our way. This is the intersection of Routes 9N and 73, one of the most scenic spots in the high peaks region:

And from there we drove the rest of the way through the Keene Valley:

And up into the mountain passes by Giant Mountain and Chapel Pond:

I often loose my radio reception in this area because of the surrounding mountains:

And one last photo before we hit the Northway and began the high speed, monotonous leg of our journey home:

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