Friday, December 23, 2011

Route 73 Through The Adirondack High Peaks

I left The Raybrook Frog (see yesterday's post), passing beneath lovely old pines and past a chainsaw statue of a pioneer. The Tail O' The Pup BBQ was directly across the road with its giant red lobster. The dogs and I were on our way home:

There are cabins for rent along the road with mountain views and lake access. They're busy in the summer, but this was wintertime so I turned in to take a closer look:

And everywhere the Adirondacks framed the view:

These cabins were cute and looked inviting, but a winter pass-by is all I'll get to see of them:

And then we continued on along Route 86 to the town of Lake Placid and south on Route 73 through the high peaks region:

The turnoff for Adirondack Loj Road has always provided marvelous views as long as the peaks are not covered by clouds:

I hiked many of those peaks in my younger days and gazing at them now stirs up good memories:

But as always, I had a long drive ahead of me and had to continue on toward home. I'll post more tomorrow:


  1. Don't get too attached to those cabins near Tail O the Pup - last time I looked, the don't take dogs....

  2. Indeed. Even if they'd take one, they wouldn't take six. That's why I figured I'd only get a winter pass-by. But they do look cozy.

  3. nice shots. nice point of view.