Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Brasher Falls IGA Grocery Store

I returned to my dogs and my little farm apartment in the afternoon, let the pooches out for a romp and made myself a quick lunch. But night falls early out on the northern tundra this time of year and I wanted something - well, interesting for dinner. So I left one more time for the little town of Brasher Falls. They have there a brand new IGA market which surely must be the envy of less fortunate towns like Fort Jackson, Winthrop, Nicholville and Hopkinton. Brasher Falls is only 15 to 20 minutes from my front door:

I probably should have said something first and asked for permission, but I didn't. I just began walking around snapping pictures. The Brasher Falls IGA is a real old fashioned market. It has nearly everything a person could want in the way of groceries, toiletries, household cleaners or pet supplies:

There appeared to be four employees - two behind the meat counter, a young boy at the cash register and an older man stocking shelves. I'll wager it's a family affair:

A dairy aisle and frozen foods. Who needs to make the long drive into Massena to shop at Wal-Mart when everything you need is right here? I'm not being snarky, by the way. I really mean it:

Even fresh fruits and vegetables:

I can't even remember what I bought that day except that I know I got two small steaks for just a couple of bucks. I wondered if the price would even cover the cost of packaging:

The place was booming and the register had a line. The cashier carried an older woman's groceries out to her car for her without her even asking. I was impressed:

I snapped only one photo of downtown Brasher Falls as I left the store. I only needed one photo because it all fit in one:

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