Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Discovering The St. Lawrence Seaway, Part 2

I'd made a driving tour of the town of Massena and then to Coles Creek State Campground where I was checking out the mighty St. Lawrence Seaway:

Most of the shoreline was rocky, but there were a few sandy beaches available to the campers. This, however, was late November and the park was closed:

I had the park to myself and got to walk undisturbed along the shore. The day was cold and the winds were howling fiercely:

Even my little red car seemed to shiver as it endured the cold winds:

When I'd seen all there was to see, I returned to the park entrance to make my exit, driving around multiple large piles of snow in the entrance road, perhaps put there to keep people out(?):

I left Coles Creek State Park and drove back toward Massena on Route 37. But of course I had to turn in at Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area to take a look. The roads were tiny dirt lanes filled with water and potholes. Also, it was hunting season, so I soon abandoned that effort and returned to the highway:

Route 37 at that point was very rural and somewhat upscale, with very nice old restored farm houses:

There was a large farm full of friendly horses who regarded my stopped car with great interest:

More horses came out the barn door to see who was stopped along the road:

But then I saw a road leading north on Willard Road toward the St. Lawrence and turned. It took me to the Wilson Hill Boat Launch:

On the shores of the  mighty St. Lawrence Seaway:

A causeway led across the water but I didn't take it. Later, I learned from my map that the causeway would have taken me to a large island with more state land. Well, I'll drive there next summer when the weather is more pleasant:

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