Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gobs Of Glorious Gooses Galore!

My visits up to the farm always seem too short and this trip had been no exception. It was soon time to leave and I was at least happy to see the glorious weather I'd have for the trip. I stepped out my door and gazed at the horses and calves grazing in my neighbors' field:

I turned down the heater, drained the water pipes and began carrying things out to the car as I prepared to leave:

But then I heard what sounded like the flying monkeys in the "Wizard Of Oz." Thousands of geese were flying overhead. I grabbed my camera to take a video and then noticed that they were circling. I was standing on my porch when they began landing in the field across the road, so I began slowing walking over there:

The neighbors' field began to look like it was collecting a covering of snow as thousands of Snow Geese landed there:

I continued walking closer:

I kept the video running as I walked closer and closer. The geese didn't seem to mind:

This was a recently harvested corn field and the ground was littered with corn kernels. I assumed that this free, abundant food was the attraction:

Once I was standing in the field, I looked back toward my own place:

The neighbors' horses looked friendly, but neither they nor I wanted to take any chances by getting too close to the electric fence:

But it was time for me to begin the long drive home so I walked back across the road to begin the journey. The geese continued to land in the neighbors' field:

I zoomed in on the scene one last time but by that time I really had to leave. I loaded the dogs up into my little red car and pointed it south. But I'll post more about that tomorrow:

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