Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas. Here's Some Gifts!

I've taken you on a couple of tours of the Adirondack themed stores I explored but haven't showed you what I purchased. Now that Christmas gifts have been opened and there's no surprises left to keep secret, I'll show you what I found at those stores. For starters, I bought two quilted throws. This first one was called Bear Lake:

And a close-up of the bears of Bear Lake:

And the second quilted throw was called Bear Night. This is the top section (I couldn't get it all in one photo):

And the bottom section:

Adirondack stocking stuffers - a leather canoe key chain, a loon basket, a tiny frog and a tiny turtle:

A string of railroad lantern lights for that old time woodsy feeling any time, anywhere:

A hand crafted tic-tac-toe board, made entirely of birch wood and birch bark, an amusement for quiet evenings around a campfire:

A plush black bear:

Balsam incense in a tiny log cabin:

A birch bark picture frame crafed by a couple of guys who run an Adirondack store in Keene:

And ear muffs made of badger fur. Well, the tag claimed it was badger although now that I'm taking a closer look, it doesn't look like it, does it?:

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