Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Return To Dyken Pond - Part 4

I was hiking the Long Trail at Dyken Pond Nature Preserve with four of my dogs. Much of the trail skirts marshes, but we took many excursions right out into the wetlands to explore. Seamus loves the water, but Daphne prefers to keep her feet dry by standing on a rock:

Most of the marsh grasses had turned silver. Clearly, autumn had arrived and winter would soon be upon this northern plateau:

Fergus loves to bounce and bound through the grass, but in spite of his partial Poodle heritage, is not fond of getting his feet wet. Notice in this picture that the presence of water has stopped him in his tracks:

Little Clover is still a puppy, but she's learning to navigate all these new places. She certainly does not lack confidence, though she does slip now and then:

"Who slips? Me? No, I am an intrepid explorer and fearless she-wolf:"

Back again into the forest we went:

And were stopped dead in our tracks by a tiny but rushing stream:

I thought the dogs would cross the stream, but they wisely chose not to do that. Here's a video of our indecision. We chose another route to continue our hike:

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