Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Haunted Halloween - Part 1

When ghosts and goblins fill the night
With howls and chilling screams,
I'll keep an eye out for the sight
Of monsters from my dreams:

Beware the she-wolf in disguise
With bloody fangs and claws,
In wait for wayward prey she lies
To chomp them in her mighty jaws:

The spotted panther rules the night
And frightens young and old,
He sends the stalwart into flight
His haunting is both sly and bold:

Beware the monsters hiding there
Inside your closet, beneath your bed,
They'll try to fool you with white hair
And haunt you on the night of the dead:

Do not be fooled by ghostly white,
Do not be taken unawares,
On Halloween there's things which bite
As monsters come out from their lairs:

And snarky, ghoulish fireflies
Who try to look all bookish,
Whose hauntings cause such frightened cries
They'll also steal your cookies:
................ (Hey, you try to rhyme something with "bookish")

Don't trust the ranger in his hat
For he's a monster too,
He cannot help it if he's fat
He's only here for haunting you:

The cackling, evil witch has come
To give you quite a scare,
Her bloody fangs will bite your thumb
Don't try to tame her, don't you dare:

Behold the cross-dressing Chinese dog,
Don't think he cannot haunt you too,
He's come to haunt this silly blog
And wears a scary blue tutu:

Along the floor boards creeps the mouse
He frightens young and old,
He's turned your home to haunted house
And now this story is almost told:

Halloween is nearly here
With all its scary things,
Beware the monsters shown above
And the fear their haunting brings:

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