Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dog Pile Photo Album

Since I'm the only person in the building on Saturdays, and since I work only half a day, I've taken to bringing the dogs in to work with me. They now expect it and pitch a fit when it's almost time for me to leave and they fear they'll be left behind. How do they know it's Saturday? I have no idea. But it's good socialization for them as they get to greet customers and other employees who pass through the office. But when the action slows down, they tend to pile themselves up into..................

Fergus and Seamus are buddies. Clover likes Seamus also, but thinks he makes a fine pillow or mattress:

Just as I was about to snap this picture, Daphne jumped up to find out what I was doing:

Dogs at rest:

More group pile-ups. Wally is off by himself. He does not condescend to join in the group heaps:

Clover must be dreaming that she's on a giant black marshmallow, floating in a sea of warm milk:

Seamus was, at his last weigh-in, 130 pounds. It's a good thing he's such a gentle soul:

Another dog pile:

Wally likes the other dogs but has his personal boundary issues. He'll form his own personal dog pile of one, thank you very much:

When Daphne can't get on top of Seamus, she simply lays her head over some sleeping body. She's just about to do that in this photo:

Oops. I woke up the puppies when I tried to take this picture:

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