Friday, October 15, 2010

More Cape Cod Scenery

I was driving in the "forearm" of Cape Cod when I spotted a sign pointing off to the right toward the Fort Hill Historical Area. Well, I was in no hurry, and as I wrote yesterday, I thought it likely that this would be my last trip there. So I turned off the highway and onto a narrow lane which took me to a historical section with old private homes:

The biggest and most amazing of the houses also had a whalebone arch over the walkway. I walked over and looked closely but couldn't decide if these two bones were ribs or jaw bones. Well, they were one or the other. I later saw a pair just like them in the Pilgrim Monument Museum, but didn't see a sign explaining which bones they were:

The houses were beautiful and, I'm sure, expensive beyond my comprehension. But I had miles to go yet before I reached Provincetown at the very tip of the Cape, so I continued on my way:

In the town of Eastham I stopped momentarily at this windmill. It's a landmark for me as I remember it from my early trips to the Cape as a young man. Also, I later brought my two boys here and we stopped at the Eastham windmill:

The nearby houses were expensive, but even the new ones kept to the old Cape Cod style:

Traveling on, I came to the sand dunes around the town of Truro. But this time I drove up a small residential road and stopped to take a few pictures of the scenery:

The Cape here is very narrow:

There isn't much land area between the ocean on each side in this area. It's picturesque, but I imagine it's fearsome in a hurricane:

Do you see that tall tower far off on the shore? That's the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, also on a tiny strip of land in the middle of the ocean:

Salt marshes, sand dunes:

I was parked on a small residential road up on a sand dune. The highway toward Provincetown runs the length of that narrow strip of land. And it was time for me to get back onto that highway and get myself to Provincetown:

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