Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colorful Rugs, Unexpected Beauty

If you've read very many of my previous posts which show scenes from my home, you likely already know that I keep throw rugs on top of my carpeting in a hopeless attempt to prevent the ruination of that carpeting. I collect all the throw rugs each morning and tumble them in the dryer without heat to extract the dust, dirt and pet hair which otherwise would have been ground into the carpeting. And each morning there's enough to fill up the dryer's lint trap twice.

Well, after Tropical Storm Nicole drenched us and made the back yard muddy, my throw rugs were very badly soiled from what the dogs had tracked in. I washed them one morning and put them outside to dry. Having no clothes line, I used a ladder. I thought the result was a pleasing array of bright colors so snapped a couple of photos:

The next day promised rain, so I had to bring them in before they became wet all over again. In fact, it was already sprinkling when I snapped these photos. I consider it unexpected beauty in surprising places:

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