Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunted Halloween - Part 2

Evil lurks this night of nights
And spreads its fear inside your house,
Causing howls and chills and frights
Creatures are stirring, not just a mouse:

A tiger comes from jungles deep
To haunt your very dreams,
To make your jitters upwards creep
Here to stay, or so it seems:

A scary thing with ghoulish howl
Has come to frighten all tonight,
A monster clad in pumpkin cowl
Will put your family all to flight:

From darkest jungles comes the panther
to haunt your every thought,
"I'm afraid" will be your answer
Fearing that you will be caught:

The blue-haired monster rises up
To give you quite a start,
Your dreams he's going to interrupt
And bring a terror to your heart:

Fear the fallen angel too
Who flits about your inward spaces,
Screaming, howling, shouting "Boo!"
Putting terror on all your faces:

Most fearful is the evil witch
With braided orange hair,
She'll make you have a nervous twitch
Then fly on broomstick out of there:

And jungle cats from nightmares past
Haunt your dreams and steel your sleep,
Fear has arrived, the die is cast
Arrived from gloomy jungles deep:

But don't be fooled by cutesy bunnies,
They'll try to trick you into being slow,
Don't let them coo and call you "Honey"
They're really monsters from below:

And, worst of all, the wicked devil
With horns on head and scarlet wings,
Don't trust him, he's not on the level
Fear and dread are his offerings:

So Halloween is almost upon us
The night when all these fearful critters
Haunt the night and cause a ruckus
And turn the bold to timid quitters:

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