Thursday, October 14, 2010

Driving To Provincetown

My community chorus was performing a concert in Provincetown, Massachusetts to benefit the soup kitchen there. We do this once each year during the Columbus Day weekend. It's the only time I board the dogs. So on Friday morning I dropped all six dogs off at the veterinarian and pointed my little red car towards Provincetown. As soon as I was on Cape Cod I began to see sights like this:

I saw this lovely seaside scene alongside the road and pulled off into a driveway to take some pictures. It had everything to make it picturesque and I knew it would make some great photos:

There were boats anchored out in the bay, boats pulled up on shore and this old relic which had probably been there for decades:

These boats were anchored offshore but no one was in them. I suppose their owners take a smaller boat out to reach them - but what do they then do with the smaller boat?:

Lobster traps of various types lined the shore. That's my little red car parked off in the distance:

I've always loved Cape Cod and used to drive there often as a young man when I worked in Connecticut. I also used to stay in Provincetown but never noticed that it had a large gay population. I can be amazingly clueless sometimes. Many years later I used to take my two boys and a car load of rescued dogs out to the Cape. We pitched a tent and camped in the State Park:

This seaside scenery was bringing back lots of memories and I thought that this was likely my last trip out there. So it was bittersweet for me. Still, I found the authentic Cape Cod still-life a calming and reassuring experience:

But I had to drive all the way to Provincetown yet, so I returned to my car and continued the journey:

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