Saturday, October 23, 2010

Concert Time And The Drive Home

Saturday afternoon arrived at last and it was time for our chorus to meet at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting Hall. We met at 2:15 to prepare for the concert at 5:00. The concert was a benefit performance for the Provincetown Soup Kitchen. When I got there, I saw other chorus members arriving:

The building is both a historical and an imposing structure. Its steeple is visible from all over Provincetown:

Inside, the chorus members were assembling. That's David in the pew dressed as "Frieda Munchon." We'd be doing a comedy duet together later in the program:

After assembling, the Director ran us through the full choral pieces and the pianist worked with the soloists and small ensembles:

And many of us gathered out front to sing and announce the upcoming concert to passersby:

This is the way of Provincetown. When you want to announce something, you stand alongside the street and really announce it:

Many of our members relaxed before the concert instead of singing out front:

The concert was a big success and received rave reviews. We raised over $600 for the Provincetown Soup Kitchen. My own comedy duet - well, you can judge for yourself:

And early Sunday morning I left for home. I avoided most of the holiday and weekend traffic by leaving so early. Besides, I'm accustomed to waking up early and driving home was a great way to occupy my time. I threaded my way back down through Cape Cod and across the Cape Cod Canal:

And stopped to get a photograph of these cranberry fields before I entered the main highway and started the high speed race back towards Albany. Thus ended my weekend in Provincetown and another choral performance. Provincetown is a place of many memories for me and one of the scenic and historic wonders of our nation:

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