Friday, October 22, 2010

Downtown Provincetown

It was Saturday midday in Provincetown and I had a concert in which to perform at 5:00 with a call time of 2:15. I'd been up since before daybreak and had kept myself busy since then. It was time for me to take another walk down Commercial Street, the main drag (no pun intended) of P-Town. Commercial Street runs right along the shoreline. One has only to walk between buildings to find the ocean shore:

Provincetown is, as it has been for many decades, an extravaganza of color and commotion. There wasn't much foot traffic on this chilly Saturday, but the evening crowds were sure to come out in force later in the day:

Most restaurants now have hawkers beckoning people in. Folks in costume wander the street pushing one business or another. It's a happening place:

I used to love shopping the little stores lining Commercial Street but now it's become mostly a choice between hugely overpriced "art" or cheap and tawdry souvenirs and tee-shirts. Still, I love to walk Commercial Street:

In recent years, dogs have become popular and are everywhere on Commercial Street. I could only hope that everyone cleaned up the poop left by their dogs. Of course, I'd love to have Seamus with me, or perhaps the two Papillon puppies. I met several folks walking Papillons:

And on one side of the street, every gap between buildings reveals the traditional seaside Provincetown:

The water was clear and the boats were sailing:

The Provincetown trolley was carrying tourists up Commercial Street:

Pedi-Cabs (rickshaws) also carried tourists up and down the street:

By this time the sun was beginning to warm things up, the shops were all open and tourists were arriving:

Commercial Street was coming alive. That white steeple in the background is that of the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House. That's where we'd be singing in just a few short hours. Notice that you can see just a bit of the tip of the Pilgrim Monument just behind the steeple. I'll post about the concert tomorrow:

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