Saturday, October 16, 2010

Excursion To Head-Of-The-Meadow Beach

I arrived in Provincetown and checked in at the Watership Inn, a bed and breakfast in the heart of town. But I was way ahead of schedule and the weather was beautiful, so I drove out to the Head-Of-The-Meadow Beach, a part of the National Seashore. I parked my car and prepared to take a long ocean side walk:

I began by climbing up some sand dunes because I wanted to get close to these magnificent roses:

The rose-hips were abundant, huge and tasty:

Yes, I ate one:

And a few flowers were blooming still:

So I crossed the sand dunes on my way to the beach. Why take the easy way when there's a much more difficult route?

I arrived at the beach and began walking, walking, walking:

I'd worn plastic slippers so that I could walk right out into the water. I wished Seamus was with me. He'd have gone right out into the cold waves. Little Clover might also have tried it:

I didn't find too many signs of life, but I did find this crab claw, a carapace and a skate egg case:

And on I walked, farther and farther from my starting point:

The round polished stones were abundant and looked so beautiful. When I was a boy on the Oregon coast, I'd pick up lots of them and bring them home. But almost all turned dull and lackluster when away from the salty ocean mists. The Oregon coast tourist stops used to sell polished beach agates in bubblegum dispensers. Now that's the way to get really polished stones:

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