Friday, September 10, 2010

Union Falls, New York

I was driving the back roads of the northern Adirondacks on my way to the farm with my six dogs in the car. I'd taken Silver Lake Road out of Ausable Forks, New York until the tiny town of Hawkeye. After that, the road became Union Falls Road and passed both Silver Lake and Union Falls Pond. I photographed so very many bodies of water that I don't remember which one this was. Clearly, though, I thought it was lovely enough to stop and get a photo:

And another lake - or perhaps the same lake from another angle:

Then the road carried me across this small, old fashioned steel bridge:

The view from the bridge was of a dam and spillway, the structure which created Union Falls Pond:

Just after I crossed the bridge, I spotted this old tower building, a remnant of the town's industrial past. I don't know what may have been its purpose, but I believe I saw signs referring to an old iron mill:

But coming into the tiny of town of Union Falls, I was amazed to see large, expensive homes. Where do these people work? Perhaps these are the summer homes of the wealthy:

And rounding the bend, I came upon a group of men and their antique sports cars. They waved and smiled as I stopped to shoot a picture:

There were perhaps 7 or 8 antique sports cars and about the same number of happy men on an outing:

The rest of the town seemed to consist of very large, expensive looking homes:

It was a lovely town, all on the banks of Union Falls Pond. But I had many miles yet to travel so kept on driving:

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  1. thank you!! you are helping me get to know the area even better!