Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spending A Night At The Farm

I'd driven up through the Adirondacks to the farm. I'd taken an inspection tour and then toured a bit of the surrounding countryside with the two puppies in my car. I'd stopped at the local IGA and purchased groceries for the night. Then I returned back to my little apartment in the farm house and began settling in for the night. I had a nice visit with the tenants who fed me blackberry crisp made from wild blackberries they'd picked that morning. When I returned to my apartment I found sleepy dogs, apparently tired from their long day. Little Clover had made herself comfy on a pillow:

Daphne and Winky were on their feet but staying on the softer carpeting for comfort:

Seamus, as usual, didn't worry much about padding, perhaps because he carries his own with him wherever he goes:

Fergus stretched out on the rug while Daphne, you may notice, walked over to harass Clover and get her to wrestle:

Clover wasn't interested in wrestling for the moment, so both puppies made themselves comfortable:

Wally was mostly interested in watching me move around the apartment with the camera. Was I up to something? Might there soon be food dropped on the floor?:

I began cooking myself diner while all the dogs relaxed. Soon it would be bed time:

And several times in the middle of the night I arose to let the dogs out. Since the tenants' Pit Bull was inside the fence, I took my dogs out the side door onto the north side lawn. It's a good thing I went with them, for Clover fell into the goldfish pond and had to be rescued. She returned to the apartment wet and shaken:

Poor Clover. This was not the kind of adventure she'd wanted. But it was warm indoors and she was able to dry off and get a good night's sleep. The next morning we'd begin the long drive back to Albany:

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