Friday, September 17, 2010

A Romp And A Potty Break

The dogs and I were headed home from the farm by way of back roads through the Adirondacks. We'd arrived at Franklin Falls Pond, a beautiful lake, and seeing no one around anywhere, I stopped to let the dogs out for a romp and a potty break:

We walked right down to the shoreline, where some of the dogs slurped up water and other dogs ran into the woods:

Seamus and Clover, my most water loving dogs, headed immediately for the lake:

The view out over Franklin Falls Pond was magnificent:

Clover is becoming a mature and confident girl, unafraid to strike out on her (as long as the rest of us don't get too far away):

Suddenly I heard the sound of a motorcycle buzz up to the parking lot and pull in. I began to collect the dogs and get them back to the car, but by the time we reached the parking area, several more cycles and quads had pulled up to the shoreline. All the dogs ran over to say "Howdy" and were greeted with smiles from the guys on the motorcycles:

So I loaded the pooches back into the car and resumed our journey home. But when the road took us to the other end of the lake, I couldn't help but stop one more time:

I'd say I wished I"d had a canoe, but not with all those dogs. Seamus would tip us over and we'd all be swimming. So I was simply grateful for the scenery, the aromas of piney woods and the serenity of the Adirondack wilderness:

This time I kept the dogs in the car, so they were watching me intently:

One more photograph and I was on my way again:

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