Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Adirondack Sights

The dogs and I had been up to the farm and were making the drive homeward, stopping occasionally at scenic Adirondack spots to explore and stretch our legs. I was aiming, via a variety of back roads, for the town of Jay, New York. I'd passed through it once and imagined that it might, like the town of Tupper Lake, have a fascinating small downtown section. Well, we were driving in that direction but I can not now remember which roads we were on when I took these photos. Never mind, suffice it to say the Adirondack scenery was lovely:

A hay field, a mountain range and an endless blue sky:

Around each bend of the road I discovered a new visual joy. Sometimes I think that my life is so blessed that I'm almost embarrassed to let it be known to the less fortunate or the chronically negative. But for the moment, I was just thrilled by everything I was seeing:

We passed by a hay field with a house way off at its far end:

I'm sure that every farmer in the Adirondack area must be accustomed to dealing with rocks. Sometimes one must simply mow around them:

And seeing a sign for another hilltop cemetery, I turned onto the entrance road - well, it wasn't so much a road as a cow path, but it was sufficient to get me to the top of the hill:

Since they'd so recently had a rest stop, I left the dogs in the car while I explored a bit:

Back once again on the road, I began passing houses and camps:

This home was clearly the home of someone with lots of money:

Yet simple camps were still evident, tucked back into the Adirondack forests:

I suspected that beneath its new siding, this home was quite historic:

A more modern home of log construction:

And an older, more humble log home:

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