Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Final Leg Of The Journey Home

Heading home from a visit to the farm, I was driving south on Route 9N in the Adirondacks. The views from this two lane highway were terrific:

We were approaching the intersection with Route 73 in Keene, New York, from which I'd pick up the main highway back to Albany. I wanted to find a place to give the dogs a rest stop before we joined the heavy traffic on I87. But for time being at least, the traffic on Route 9N was still light and the scenery was grand:

The two Papillon puppies, Daphne and Clover, were resting on the seat next to me:

When I arrived at the campsite where we most often take our rest breaks, I found 3 or 4 parked cars and campers enjoying their weekend. So I drove on and stopped at a grassy lane which leads into the woods which I'd discovered last year. I let the dogs out and they were ecstatic. Wally and Winky ran in the sunshine:

Daphne and Clover found an interesting smell in one spot, while Fergus and Wally stopped at another fascinating aroma in another spot. It's important to dogs to "read the local newspaper:"

Big ol' Seamus trotted ahead and it wasn't long before his little buddy, Clover, ran up to join him:

We were in a grassy lane surrounded by forest with mountains all around us. The sun was shining and the crickets were singing their autumn songs. It was a marvelous experience:

I took one video of the dogs enjoying this final rest stop in the sun:

I loaded the dogs back into the car and began the final leg of the trip. But since we'd left early, I decided to turn off the highway and visit the Adirondack Buffalo Farm. They have a viewing platform alongside the road:

The Bison were fairly close and living out their lives in a peaceful, serene setting:

There was one other family enjoying the views and they found my little red car filled with dogs interesting also:

I went into the gift shop thinking I might buy some Bison meat. But I saw no price list and reverted to the old adage, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." So I got back into the car and began the final, less peaceful part of the journey home. It had been a wonderful visit to the farm and the drive up there and back was a big part of the joy:

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