Monday, September 13, 2010

Rural Scenes From Northern New York

I'd arrived at the farm and walked around the yard taking a good look at everything. Then I put the dogs into my apartment and walked across the county road into the giant hay field there. I had a great view of my neighbors' house and barn from there with their two horses and two young calves:

And I snapped a picture of my own farm house from across the road:

But then I took the two Papillon puppies, Daphne and Clover, jumped into the car and took a driving tour of some of the local roads. This farm is very near mine. It looks a lot like my own farm when you first glance at the photo, doesn't it?:

I passed the Happy Cow Restaurant and pulled into the parking lot to get a couple of photos:

I did not, however, consider eating there because there was no one else patronizing the restaurant. I figured the locals knew which which eateries were good and which were not. I liked their signs, though:

So I drove on, touring the local roads and passed this old house and barn:

And this older home with its garish paint job:

A smaller, Adirondack style cabin:

I stopped at the local IGA and purchased a steak for myself. I hadn't eaten a steak in perhaps a decade, so this was going to be a real treat. I arrived home, said hello to Harley, the tenants' Pit Bull, and began settling in for the evening:

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