Monday, September 20, 2010

Route 9N In The Northeast Adirondacks

I was driving home from the farm through the northern Adirondacks with all six dogs in the car. I'd wanted to take a closer look at the town of Jay, New York and hoped to find an interesting "downtown" area. I found nothing of the sort, so turned south on Route 9N and headed back toward Keene, New York where I'd join Route 73, the route I most often take. I may not have found much of interest in Jay, but the scenery along the road was magnificent:

There wasn't much traffic, so I was easily able to pull over to the shoulder of the road to snap photos. And there were lots of scenic places I wanted pictures of:

An old fashioned split rail fence:

And a mountain behind one of the horse fences:

Whiteface Mountain off in the distance:

I found this scene exceptionally lovely, but by then the traffic was increasing and I wasn't able to stop. I found a place to turn the car around and drove back to snap this photo:

Mountains framed the hay fields in almost every direction:

We were driving southward toward Giant Mountain, Rocky Peak Ridge, Noonmark, and many of the most popularly hiked peaks. That's some of them straight ahead:

I saw a parking area alongside the road and pulled over to give myself a break and look more closely at the natural beauty of the area. There was a bubbling, babbling brook running along the parking area down in that brushy area. A farm field was just beyond that, followed by more forest, followed by more high peaks:
A brief video of this peaceful scene:

A small river flowed quietly past one end of the parking area. Jerusalem Artichokes bloomed along its banks:

Because it was so close to the highway, I didn't let the dogs out. But I certainly enjoyed the quiet beauty and serenity of the scene:

But I still had many miles yet to drive, so I snapped one more photo, got back into the car and continued my journey:

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