Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Back Roads, Another Rest Stop

I was traveling via back roads through the northern Adirondacks on my way to the farm. I was following Silver Lake Road which became Union Falls Road which became Alder Brook Road. We came to a section which was paved, though still I saw no other cars traveling in either direction. We passed Newberry Pond, Taylor Pond and Silver Lake:

The Adirondack mountains provided a spectacular backdrop to most scenes:

Our recent rest stop had been brief and we hadn't done much walking. So, when I spotted a place with a grassy lane leading into the Adirondack forest, I parked and let the dogs out to run:

Winky's age is beginning to show, all the more so now that his best friend, Wren, has died. But he was trotting along pretty well on this excursion. That's my little car parked behind the boulders in the background:

I walked farther and farther, finding that I needed a chance to stretch my legs and get a bit of exercise as much as the dogs. Daphne and Clover, the two Papillon puppies, where alternating running and wrestling:

We came to a clearing with a soil so sandy it felt almost like being at the beach. I concluded that this had been a logging header, to which the felled trees are skidded to be cut into appropriate lengths for the mill. I used to work at such a header once upon a time:

You may notice in this photo that Wally and Winky were trotting comfortably, but the two puppies were running full tilt:

This was a much needed break for both the dogs and for me. We returned to the car and resumed our journey:

Here's a brief video of our rest stop. The soil was so sandy that it looks almost like blacktop on the video. But the scenery was outstanding and the dogs were very happy to get out of the car and have some fun (and so was I):

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