Friday, September 24, 2010

Fort Crailo Harvest Faire - Part 2

I ambled around the grounds of Fort Crailo, taking in the sights and snapping pictures. Men and women in Old Dutch and Mohawk costume were demonstrating how life along the Hudson River used to be:

This man was demonstrating outdoor cooking:

And this man had many tools, mostly for woodworking, which he was showing people:

These women clad in period Dutch clothing were, I think, selling something - but I didn't ask:

Out behind Fort Crailo was this man and woman with an outstanding display of medical paraphernalia including, I learned later, medical leaches. I suppose that's them in the glass jar on the table. I wish now I'd stopped to learn more:

Wooden shoe decorating for the kids:

This young lad was learning the Old Dutch method of making rope:

Fort Crailo was bustling and with all the folks in period costume, one could sometimes forget for a moment which century it was:

In the front of the house were these keyhole shaped holes out of which the early settlers could shoot their muskets at whatever threatened them. I'd guess that the most likely threats would have been from Mohawk or British rogues:

And inside the building, one can see how these shooting holes were placed in the wall and plugged with wooden plugs when not in use. Now that we're inside Fort Crailo, I'll post some photos of what it was like. But that will have to wait until tomorrow:

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