Friday, May 20, 2016

Taylor Road In The Town Of Brasher, New York

I had to take Jack into Massena for an appointment with the veterinarian but, when we got there, they said they'd made a mistake and Jack wasn't due for any shots after all. So, happy to have saved some money, I decided to take a driving tour on my way home. I turned onto Taylor Road in the town of Brasher at this abandoned home with colorful cattle in the background:

This giant old barn and silo gleamed in the sunlight, making it difficult to get a photo, but you can see how nice it was:

This was the farm house which went with the above barn:

A more modern house and barn - or were they older structures with lots of remodeling done? I suspected it was the latter:

This was real farm country with fields of various kinds stretching out nearly as far as I could see:

Two lovely old barns:

Barns and farm equipment:

I crossed over a small creek and Jack got his head in the way when I tried to snap a photo:

Springtime loveliness in the country:

I guessed this to be a modern farm house and barn, built in the old style. I'd reached the intersection of Maple Ridge Road. Taylor Road continued on after crossing Maple Ridge, but it was then called Munson Road. So I kept driving and will post the Munson Road pictures tomorrow:

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