Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Dogs In Brasher State Forest - Part 2

I was hiking with the dogs in Brasher State Forest (see also Part 1, posted yesterday), only ten miles from home:

There was a lot of excited running and sniffing of smells, with all the dogs having a wonderful time. It was a bit more difficult for me as I tried to keep all five of them close at hand and under control:

But there were serene moments too as we quietly walked the paths covered with White Pine needles:

Because of my leg braces and damaged ankles, I can no longer walk very far and it wasn't long before we turned back toward the car. We'd taken some detours off the main trail anyway, so I figured we'd see some new sights on our way back:

The dogs were happy wherever we went:

And it wasn't long before I espied our red car parked up ahead. I had pulled about fifty feet off the road to park in the forest:

There were wonderful patches of healthy looking Princess Pine, our ubiquitous and beloved clubmoss:

The dogs were so intent on the smells and sights at hand (or paw) that they didn't at first notice how close we were getting to our car:

I had been disappointed that I hadn't seen any Trout Lilies, but finally found some. They were just emerging and would be blooming soon:

The Shadbush, however, was in its full glory. It began blooming on Mother's Day:

I moved in for a closeup:

Soon it was time to go home and I called the dogs back into the car. They consider that to be fun also, and are always happy to oblige:

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