Saturday, May 21, 2016

Munson Road In The Town Of Brasher, New York

I'd been touring Taylor Road, which became Munson Road after crossing Maple Ridge Road. So I kept driving and snapping pictures on Munson Road:

This house had an old hand pump, American flag and covered porch for leisurely afternoons in the country:

A great deal of the Munson Road went through Brasher State Forest:

A State Forest sign plus Shadbush in bloom:

An old abandoned home. This place looked like it would be a wonderful home in the country which only needed a remodeling;

A woodsy style home:

I passed a beaver marsh:

And old style barns with horses grazing:

 This home looked comfortable and designed to keep out winter's cold:

My last photo on Munson Road was of this old barn, apparently now used as a garage, with a boat and trailer parked outside. I put my camera away and concentrated on getting to my next stop, the feed store:

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