Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Pets At Home

Our spring is always late in the north country, but this year has been later than normal. Nevertheless, it is arriving now, little by little, and the dogs are thrilled to be spending more time outdoors in their fenced run. They love to stretch out in the sun and they certainly love to bark at everything, real or imaginary, which moves:

When indoors, life goes on as usual, one big sleep-fest. Here Daphne, Seamus, Rocky and Fergus shared a couple of fleecy dog beds:

Clover and Bramble snoozed back to back:

Draco likes to jump up on the dog food bin to relax and watch the rest of us moving around the kitchen:

Daphne, Bramble, Clover and Fergus:

Fergus, Seamus, Daphne, Bramble, Clover and Jack:

The dogs watching the chickens parade past them on the other side of the fence:

I moved a cat tree into the cats' food/water/litter box room and Georgette claimed its top shelf as her own. It was only fitting, after all, as the walls are painted almost the same color as her fur:

Daphne, Clover, Bramble and Fergus, all curled up together on one floor pillow:

Dixie the guinea pig, as tame and pampered as ever:

Draco looked as if I just woke him up. He's deaf and elderly, so I probably did:

Standing in the kitchen and looking at Fergus and Seamus in the hall:


  1. I love how there is always a cat in the with the dogs. So cute!