Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Remy And Blue!

Well, it's sort of a compromise birthday celebration because Remy was born on May 18, 2015:

 And Blue was born on May 28, 2015:

Blue is the black one with white socks and blue eyes. He has remained 33" tall since I got him. Remy (short for Remington) is the bay (brown body with black mane, tail and lower legs) was 36" but has quickly grown to 38". They may or may not grow any more. I'll just have to wait and see:

They were playing and wrestling one afternoon out in the field and I thought it would be a great opportunity to turn this into a birthday party:

So I carried the Jolly-Ball over to them. Remy, already in a playful mood, grabbed it by the handle and started playing keep-away:

Blue wanted to take it from him but didn't understand that it needed to be grasped by the handle. He kept trying to grab the big ball:

 "Look, little buddy. This is the handle:"

 "Give me that ball!"

 "Ha ha, no way. Come and get it, Junior!"

When Remy finally dropped the ball, I handed it to Blue and he was happy to grab the handle but didn't know what to do next:

 Remy got tired of waiting and began to graze:

Until his first opportunity to steal the Jolly-Ball and then the game resumed. It was a great celebration of their first birthdays, even though not on the exact day. What they don't know yet is that they are now old enough to be gelded (neutered), so the vet will be paying them a visit soon:

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  1. The antics of these two little guys is precious - although Remy looks "all growed up" right now. Only Bill would think of giving them a birthday party. Beats Chucky Cheese every time! They are the perfect pair of Big Brother and Little Scamp - may they have many more birthdays to come!