Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Limekiln Road, In The Town Of Malone, New York - Part 2

I continued on my driving tour of Limekiln Road in the town of Malone. It was a long, rural road and I was by now a number of miles from the highway. I figured that folks who lived out here truly loved rural life, but then I suppose one could say the same about my house:

This old barn seemed to still be in active use:

This small home, however, was not. It was abandoned:

There were quite a few modern homes, some of considerable size, probably built by people who worked in Malone but loved the country lifestyle:

This new home was even larger, and they were building a new barn or possibly a sugar house nearby:

I passed forests, fields and wetlands:

And lovely old farm houses with extensive front porches:

A barn which seemed to be no longer in use:

And a beaver marsh which appeared to have spread across an entire valley:

A woodsy style home:

And a spiffy barn behind a row of Cedar trees:

I reached the end of Limekiln Road and turned back the way I'd come, stopping one last time to photograph the first farm I'd come to when I began this driving tour. This time, however, I was able to capture the whole farm in one photo:

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