Friday, May 6, 2016

Remy And Blue

Blue and Remy seem to be having a grand time, alternating between leisurely strolls across the pasture, grazing, playing, rolling and snoozing:

They have been ignoring their hay for weeks now even though I can't see much edible grass in the pasture. Clearly, they are finding it adequate:

Blue has not had a case of locking stifles (rear leg lameness) since I started leaving them out 24 hours per day - or at least I've never observed one. He seems happy and healthy:

  The two little guys are nearly always side by side:

Usually Remy is the adventurer and leader, but not always:

As I said, there is little discernible grass for them yet, but they seem happy with what they are finding:

And Remy is the main troublemaker, though both are mischievous imps:

"Mischievous imp? Me? I beg to differ:"

The two little horses are frequently seen racing across the field while biting and kicking each other - a pair of rambunctious teenagers:

And any time I'm working out in the pasture, I have to watch them constantly. Their favorite game is to grab one of my tools and run away with it. "Keep away" is great fun for them:

At other times they just lounge inside the barn on the bedding hay - so much so that I plan to start closing the barn to them when the weather is nicer:

I'd say these two have an idyllic life. They need to be gelded (neutered) next month, though, so I don't imagine they will be happy about that:

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