Monday, May 9, 2016

Mending Fences And Moving Cattle - Part 2

I mended the fence around the south field, the one which contained the animals, first. Then I drove the perimeter of the north field. As I neared completion, I noticed that the cows had gathered at the gate to watch me with excitement. They understood full well that I was about to lead them across the road to another field with taller, greener grass:

I had to lock the two little horses inside the barn so they couldn't overindulge in lush grass. Then I stretched two ropes across the road and opened the gate for the cows. A group of hens accompanied them. They too remembered the routine from last year and were excited:

I'd brought some bowls of grain to lure the cows but they didn't need them and were not interested. They wanted that tall, green grass and they wanted it now!:

Ignoring the grain, they began gobbling up grass as fast as possible:

The chickens, however, were smart enough to attack the unused bowls of grain:

There was great bovine excitement and some kicking up of heels, great joy in the north field:

Poor Amy had just lost her calf and her udder was swollen to painful proportions. It was much reduced, however, by the following morning. I don't know whether grass had helped or not, but I was happy that she was getting better:

They are a scenic herd, close to the gravel road, and I see cars slow down to watch them whenever they are in the north field:

And my own version of Cattle Egrets, the chickens, hang around hoping for bugs or dropped grain. It makes for an entirely pleasant, pastoral scene:

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