Friday, May 13, 2016

Around The Farm In May

It may be hard to believe for some of you who live in warmer places, but our first daffodils didn't begin to bloom until the first week of May. Spring was very late this year:

But they were surely welcome:

The chickens were happy it's springtime as they fanned out across the lawn beneath the apple trees, looking for goodies to eat:

At night, they get to sleep indoors, safe from wild predators and wild weather:

One of their greatest joys was when I moved the cattle across the road to the north field. They seemed to find that purely wonderful:

I can understand their excitement with the north field when they're finding grain which the cattle spilled, but mostly their happiness there is a mystery to me. They usually only go there when the cattle are there, so perhaps the cows are kicking up bugs which the chickens eat:

Anytime I am working in the south field, Remy and Blue try their darndest to interfere. They really search for mischief they can make:

The fantail pigeons get to go outside all day every day now. I open their window early each morning, rain or shine:

Most of the pigeons don't go outside, but those who do seem to enjoy it a lot:

They fly to the lower milk room roof and from there to the higher roof of the main barn:

And some just sit at the window and look out wistfully:

Canada Geese are passing through again, on their way to nests, both locally and farther north. I often see them in hay fields as I drive around the area:

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