Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tabitha's Tale

Tabitha, born on a Monday morning, seemed extra large and sturdy. She was a beauty:

Her name was chosen by a friend from church and she quickly became a regular member of the herd:

She slept next to Amy, her mom:

And was a little awkward when standing back up. She began by getting up on her hind legs and front knees. That's when she hesitated, unsure what to do next. I assisted her a couple of times:

And all was well:

She was moving freely about the field with her mother at only a couple of days old:

And quickly learned to run and play:

The subject of many photos, she became used to me and my camera:

Amy, her mom, wouldn't come into the barn without Tabitha so I several times carried a small bowl of grain out to her - not that she needed it:

I often walked out into the field to check on her and snap a few more photos:

And Amy had so much milk and such big teats that I worried about her daughter getting any. But she was growing like a weed and pooping, so I assumed she was doing just fine:

By Saturday afternoon, however, Tabitha was almost dead. I tried to revive her and I called the vet. But an hour and a half later, she was dead. I had to load her into the tractor bucket and bury her at the far end of the field. Her mother, of course, was distraught, not understanding why her baby was unresponsive. After the body was gone, Amy bawled for hours. It's been a sad time for me, but one which most people who raise animals know all too well:


  1. So sorry about Tabitha, hope Amy is recovering and you as well.
    RB Eugene OR

    1. Thank you. Amy is doing well and we will try to breed her again for next year.