Monday, December 7, 2015

Route 11B From Nicholville To Dickinson New York - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of local Route 11B, from the town of Nicholville to the town of Dickinson (see part 1, posted yesterday). This lovely old barn seemed to be unused:

A brick farm house with an addition and a classic country front porch:

"The painted lady," an elegant old home along the highway:

Another old farm, perhaps an Amish farm (I can't remember for sure):

A farm house with front porch, clothesline, outbuildings and basketball hoop:

These giant grain bins were being filled with the corn kernels which were being harvested all around me:

An elegant old farm house, up atop a hill. This was the home which went with the grain bins, which you can also see in this picture, behind the house:

Another beautiful farm and, once again, I can't remember but think it was probably Amish:

This sagging old home was still standing - but just barely. I always pause when I see these old homes and wonder about those who once lived here:

When I arrived at the Dickinson intersection, there was a home which apparently was once a restaurant or at least a snack shop. Notice that sign on the left, over by what is now the garage:

This is the old sign which still rises above the building on the corner and gives me the idea that this once a restaurant or snack shop. I think it's funny and call it "The Boy With The Giant Wiener:"

Directly across the intersection from the above place was Nannette's Rise-N-Shine Cafe. It appeared to be doing a brisk business and I thought I should probably try it some day. My driving tour was almost over, and I turned around here and began heading back home:

I'd already taken so many photos that I didn't take any more - except for this old barn, just barely holding on. I'd somehow missed it my first time through but thought it might not make it through the winter and this might be my last chance to photograph it. And this brought my driving tour to an end:

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